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The #1 Career Test

Our machine learning–based algorithm is the most sophisticated and accurate of its kind.

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Career Encyclopedia

The most comprehensive source of career data on the planet, covering up-to-date salary information, satisfaction, demographics, and more.

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One product, infinite possibilities

Empower your people with world-class career matching technology, packaged in an intuitive and seamless platform.

Human Resources Departments

Set your team up for success. CareerExplorer uncovers individuals' strengths and preferences. Use it to onboard new hires effectively and help employees grow within your organization. It's also a valuable outplacement tool to help your team thrive long term.

Independent Counselors

Leverage technology in your work with students and their families. Our assessment combines psychometric analysis, machine learning, and up-to-date information on over 800 careers to determine the right path for your clients.

Career Coaches

Help your clients find fulfillment in their careers and guide them through career transitions with data at their fingertips. They'll discover the traits that will make them successful and uncover career opportunities they didn't know they have.

Non-Profit Organizations

Empower your community with valuable resources. Whether they're transitioning back into the workforce or looking for new opportunities, provide them with detailed information on over 800 careers, along with insights into their own strengths.

High School Teachers & Administration

Give your students a head start. Choosing a career path is daunting, and most don't know where to begin. Rather than relying on others' opinions, students discover their ideal career based on their unique interests, personality, and circumstances.

Job Centers & Workforce Agencies

Assess individual skills, aptitudes, and interests. Our career assessment and encyclopedia helps job seekers understand what employment opportunities they have, what training they'll need, and what they can expect on the job.

For Test Takers

In-depth assessments measuring over 200 traits

Career matches in under 10 minutes

Full access to our proprietary career encyclopedia

Highly-personalized reports that highlight strengths, blind spots, and more

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“My top 25 CareerExplorer matches were mostly analytical or business management careers. This was reassuring because those are exactly the jobs I've been looking into.”

— Alexis, College Senior in California

“Before CareerExplorer, I gave my students a range of different tests. Now I can ramp up faster—everything I need is included in one product.”

— Russell, Career Coach in Texas

For Administrators

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A world-class career test, powered by modern science

With over one billion user responses, our machine learning algorithm provides industry-leading match accuracy.

Our self-learning algorithm continuously monitors and improves reliability and validity. It ensures our assessment does not discriminate against protected groups.

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Sophisticated features built for digital natives

User experience is crafted for all devices — from mobile phones and tablets to desktops and laptops.

Every user is granted access to personalized reports about their strengths, blind spots, and how they stand out against their peers.

95% of users rate their experience on the platform to be very high.

The largest proprietary catalog of career data in the world

The world's largest set of proprietary career stats helps people make decisions with data at their fingertips.

Expert written content covers topics like what real people do on the job and detailed steps on how to enter a career.

Career guidance,
backed by science

Other career software

Basic matching technology that utilizes static frameworks like Holland Codes to find career matches

Generic career data from infrequently updated government databases

Design does not cater to students

Basic admin tools with limited features


Machine-learning matching algorithm built from millions of user responses to produce the most accurate predictions in its class

Comprehensive career database powered by multiple sources including CareerExplorer’s proprietary data collection engine

Mobile-first platform designed to optimize student engagement

Full suite of administrator and counselor tools to provide relevant guidance and drive student visits

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What CareerExplorer users are saying

CareerExplorer is one of the only things that students engage with. There are lots of cheap resources out there, but we’ve been getting great feedback and learning outcomes from our students.

David, Program Enrolment Director in Washington

When it was time to decide on my major, my friends and I all did the CareerExplorer test. The results were pretty much spot on for me!

Michelle, Student Resident Admin in New York

Our team has been using CareerExplorer for quite a while now. They’ve been great to work with and respond to our calls promptly. The best part is they consistently notify us of new features that benefit our students.

Sandra, K–12 Career Counselor in Texas

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