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Computer and Information Sciences is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Artificial Intelligence



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    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that normally necessitate human intelligence. In other words, students of AI learn how to develop artificial intelligence applications that are inspired by the ways people learn, reason, and make decisions.

    Students study advanced mathematics, engineering, computing, programming, and data structures to envision and create the AI technologies and systems that continue to transform so many areas of our lives – from agriculture, construction, and transportation to healthcare, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, and more.

    Once the subject matter of science fiction, artificial intelligence is no longer an alien concept. Today it is commonplace, streamlining business processes and enhancing consumer experiences.

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  • Information Technology



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    Information Technology

    Information technology (IT) degree programs train students in computing technologies and how to use them to store, secure, manage, retrieve, and send information. IT includes physical equipment or hardware and operating systems and applications, known as software.

    In general, individuals who enrol in an IT curriculum aim to lead or be part of a technical team responsible for a company’s information technology infrastructure and assets.

    With the broad goal of teaching the relationship between humans and computers, core subjects in IT programs include:

    • Leading and managing remote work teams
    • Programming Principles
    • Database Systems
    • Customer Support Systems
    • Computer Systems
    • Systems Analysis
    • Internet Technologies
    • IT Project Management
    • IT Security
    • Ethics in Information Technology

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  • Informatics



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    Informatics studies the behavior and structure of systems that generate, store, process, and present information. It is about the study and application of information and information technology. In other words, informatics transforms data and information into knowledge that people can use every day.

    It focuses on the human use of computing, on helping people interact with information systems in an efficient way. It is, essentially, the science of information, of harnessing the power of data. And because reliable information is essential for effective operation and decision making in all kinds of enterprises, informatics is a big player in our world.

    Health informatics allows clinicians to use electronic medical records to coordinate care and share information with other clinicians. Business informatics facilitates analysis and optimization of operational processes. Animal informatics focuses on designing technology that can help us understand how animals interact with their environment. These are just a few examples of the important role played by informatics specialists or ‘informaticists.’

    Degree programs in informatics prepare students to enter this growing and multi-faceted field. It has been said that data is the most important raw material of the 21st century. If this is true – and there is no reason to believe that it is not – then informatics may be among the century’s most exciting fields.

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